Boudoir Photography: What to Expect During an Individual Shoot?

Boudoir shoots (to pronounce boo-dwaa – we won’t judge you on your pronunciation!) are increasingly popular. More and more women are seeking this type of photography to feel empowered and sexy, and get timeless portraits of themselves to cherish forever.

While this type of shoot can be an incredible experience, we also understand that it can be stressful for you. We have gathered here some frequently asked questions to help you feel more ready to take the leap!

1. What is a boudoir shoot?

Boudoirs usually involve a series of intimate and elegant portraits. However, at Fotograf HQ, we never limit our sessions to this type of photography. We know there is so much more to empowerment than lingerie portraits.

This is why we call our sessions “individual photoshoots”, as it englobes everything from a lingerie shoot to a series of strong portraits in your favourite dress, with no limits on what you can or cannot do! Before each session, we bring a series of photos to see what inspires you, and what style of photos you would like to get.

In any case, we are always here to discuss options and listen to your wishes!

boudoir photoshoot lingerie

2. Individual, or boudoir shoot: who is it for?


Doing a photoshoot isn’t about showing unrealistic bodies that we see everywhere in the media. It is about reconnecting with your body, rediscovering yourself as a woman, and celebrate you at this current stage of your life. If you have doubts because you struggle with your own body image, you are not alone. A lot of us have a hard time to accept ourselves. But let us tell you something: you are perfect, just as you are.

Don’t worry: you are in good hands!

During our individual sessions, our main goal is to fight stereotypes associated with so-called “perfect bodies”. We want you to feel good about who you are, and take you to a journey to self-acceptance.

We know this can be hard to achieve. That’s why our team is here get to know you and make you feel comfortable in our studio, and liberated in front of our cameras. We’re all about body positivity and showing yourself as you really are, without faking it.

If you still feel nervous about getting a photoshoot, we invite you to check our amazing Google reviews and read about our past customers’ experience and how they felt comfortable throughout their session with us.



3. What to wear for an individual or boudoir shoot?

Every woman is different. We all have our personality, our own style, and our own favourite outfits. For this reason, it hard to recommend something generic. We prefer to have a chat with you, get to know you and see what is in your closet. This way, we can offer personalised advice and find that outfit that will truly reflect your style and enhance your already stunning features.

However, as a rule of thumb, we always recommend you to bring something timeless, and most importantly something you feel gorgeous, sensual and comfortable in. And, perks of coming on your own, you don’t have to think about matching colours with someone else! It is all about you.

You can also read our article on what to wear during a photoshoot for more general advice on outfits.

Do I have to wear make up?

Our photography sessions all include hair and makeup, so don’t worry about spending too much time doing the perfect makeup for yourself! Our professional artists are here to offer you personalised styling, tailored to your features and personality.

All you have to do is come with fresh face and hair, and we take care of the rest!

boudoir lingerie artwork


4. Do individual or boudoir shoots always involve lingerie shoots?

Boudoirs, or individual photoshoots, can involve getting a little undressed.

At Fotograf HQ, we know a killer lingerie outfit can empower you as a woman. That’s why we usually recommend you to bring your favourite sexy outfit when you come to our studio. We want to make you feel like a goddess, and capture you as the strong, gorgeous human being that you are. And while lingerie can be an easy way to achieve this, other options work just as well.

Sexy without lingerie

Thankfully, playing sexy isn’t limited to fancy underwear.

So if lingerie remains a big “no-no” for you, or if you want to bring a fallback outfit as a reassurance token in case you change your mind, we have great news for you. In the art of seduction, less is more, and we can get sexy portraits of you playing on suggestion rather than reveal.

Why not bring a simple white shirt, your significant other’s flannel or even a good old, oversized tee-shirt? This way we can get you to play sexy with it, hiding and revealing what you want. As a certain Queen B once said, “the most alluring thing a woman can have is confidence”. In other words, as long as you feel comfortable and sexy in your choice of outfit, anything will work!

What if I don’t want to show my body?

There can be plenty of reasons why you might not feel comfortable getting undressed in our studios, and we understand that.

During our sessions, we always encourage you to get out of your comfort zone by suggesting and trying different things. You’ll see how liberating it can be! However, we are not here to force you to do things that would go beyond your boundaries and beliefs. A photoshoot should always be a fun game, and there is just so many poses and outfits to try, so why should we limit ourselves to lingerie shoots only?

boudoir photoshoot lingerie

5. I’m not really a photogenic person, and I’m not sure about how I should pose.

At Fotograf HQ, our photoshoots are opened to everyone. Most of our customers are non-professionals who come to our studio with no experience in posing.

During your sessions, our photographers are here to guide you all the way. Thanks to their extended experience, they know which poses and lightening will be best to flatter your already gorgeous body and features.

We got you all sorted!

6. Can I bring my partner for an individual, or boudoir shoot?

Your partner is always welcome to join, even though we usually recommend you to come alone for an individual shoot.

This type of photography session is such a special and private moment, and we want you to be able to enjoy it as much as possible. In our experience, people feel more confident and liberated in front of the camera when they come alone. Indeed, some people can be very conscious of their partner watching them during their session, which can sometimes limit their experience.

If you want your significant other to share this special moment with you, you can always bring them to your design session. This way, you can discover the result of your photos together, which is also very exciting!

And if you really want your plus one to come along for your photoshoot, why not ask them to join you during your session! This way, you can also get sexy pictures of you together. Also, boudoir and sexy shots are not reserved to women only. Men can also have their own “dudeoir” shoot!

boudoir couple photoshoot

7. I am getting nervous ahead of my boudoir shoot, what should I do?

If you have doubt or question, you can give us a call or come and chat on our social media. Our team is always here in case you need advice, reassurance, or simply share your excitement ahead of your photoshoot!

We understand that a boudoir, especially when lingerie is involved, can make you feel nervous. Let us reassure you straight away: you are not the only one. Many of you gorgeous creatures often feel a mixture of both excitement and apprehension ahead of your shoot. It is pretty normal!

If you are in this situation, our team is always here for you, so never hesitate to get in touch!


A boudoir photoshoot in an incredible experience to let you explore yourself and reappropriate your own body. From hair and makeup to your personalised photography session, we make you feel gorgeous both inside and out, and we capture your unique glow.

For yourself or as a present, there is no good occasion to get a photoshoot, other than simply want to have fun and get on a journey to self-love!

Get in touch to book your photoshoot with us today!


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