Fotograf HQ


At Fotograf HQ, we provide businesses with high-quality commercial photography. We have extensive experience across Architecture, Construction and Real Estate, and focus on attracting your target audience through creative imagery.

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We provide architectural photography for a number of different clients, including Architects, Builders, Developers, Apartments and Real Estate Agents.

What we do

  • Commercial Architectural Photography
  • Interior Design Photography
  • Landscape Photography
  • Exterior Architectural Photography
  • Residential Architectural Photography


We create professional construction photography/videography that shows the process of construction in various stages, images/videos of the members of your team, and anything else that sheds good light on your brand.

We use contemporary composition techniques to provide you with construction photography that gives your customers a perfect reflection of what goes on in real life. Using construction photography, we may help you to point out the positive aspects of your company including attention to detail, use of modern construction equipment, efficiency, and beautiful architecture.

What we do

  • Fine Art Construction Projects
  • Documentary Construction Projects
  • Completed Construction Projects
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Real Estate

We offer premium, high-quality real estate photography, video and aerial services across Melbourne. We pride ourselves on exceeding your expectations and offer same day turn-around, as well as 4-hour turn-around to help you stay ahead of the game.