What Is Lifestyle Family Photography?

Lifestyle family photography becomes increasingly popular as people get in search of a more natural and authentic feeling in their photos.

Whether you are looking to get a series of portraits with your family, your significant other, or even a maternity or a newborn photoshoot, a lifestyle photography experience might just be what you are looking for!

lifestyle family photography

Lifestyle family photography, what is it?

Lifestyle photography involves more authentic background settings and contemporary home furniture: couches, rugs and blankets… Anything to give a cosy and comfortable feeling to your photos!

Your photographer will then capture moments that feel like slices of everyday life. As if you would simply take a photo on the spur of the moment… But not quite!

A lifestyle family photoshoot is above all a professional service, where your photographers will use their creativity and expertise to direct you. They will suggest different poses and lighting and interact with you to capture genuine emotions and connections.

Telling your story through a lifestyle family photoshoot

Even tough lifestyle photography is all about candid family photos, there is more to it than simple family portraits.

This type of photography can also involve more detailed shots of everyday objects that carry a special meaning for your family. Picture this… Your wedding ring on your hand, your best outfit, your child’s favourite teddy bear, or even a beautiful close-up of you holding hands with your loved ones.

There is just so many ways to tell your story!

lifestyle photography couple

Our lifestyle family photography experience

At Fotograf HQ, we can offer you a unique lifestyle photography experience thanks to our location.

Unlike other photography studios in the Melbourne area, our space is equipped with a traditional studio, and a plus. A big natural light studio.

Both studios are furnished with contemporary and comfy elements to create this natural, cosy feeling. We have couches, rugs, chairs and blankets. Lots of blankets.

Our amazing team is also dedicated to make you and your family feel comfortable in our space. We invite you to check our amazing Google reviews and read about how amazing our clients felt during their experience!

We show your family’s real emotions and connections

At Fotograf HQ, our photographers don’t simply ask you to gather and smile.

They get to know you, and make you interact and engage in activities together. This way, they can capture your genuine emotions and connections, and create memories to cherish forever.

Your family lifestyle photography experience in a studio

Even though a studio may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think “lifestyle photography”, it is actually the most ideal setting for this type of session.

Indeed, a studio is a controlled environment where your photographers can play with lighting and shadows, and use their expertise to recreate the perfect homely atmosphere.

Our studios are also equipped with the latest technologies, which allows us to offer you high-quality, contemporary artwork.

lifestyle family photography newborn

After your lifestyle family photoshoot

Professional editing of your beautiful family photos

The photos we take during your session are all edited to high professional standards before we show them to you. But before you get scared and think about the “Photoshop” word, let us reassure you!

Our edits are all about playing with light, creating a natural background, and retouching colours to create a sophisticated end result with a warm feeling to it.

We can also add minor corrections, as we very well know that a photoshoot (and really, any activity that involves children) can get messy! Spills, stains on clothes and other things can happen, and our professional photographers are here to ensure the most beautiful end result.

We never change the way you look or add edits that would appear unrealistic. It’s all about showing your family, as naturally gorgeous as it is.

Your family photography design appointment

Discovering your photos is a beautiful and emotional experience in its own right.

This is why we always invite you to come back to the studio for this special occasion. During this session, you will be able to choose which pictures you want to take home… Or choose them all!

Your designer will also work with you to create different series of portrait and artwork combinations to perfectly suit the comfort of your home.

lifestyle photograhy newborn

A lifestyle family photography is a unique occasion to spend quality time together and create timeless artwork to pass on for generations to come.

Get in touch today to learn more about our family photography services!





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