Framed Canvas Photograph
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Framed Canvas Photograph

Our Photographic Artwork Pricing

All Fotograf HQ photographic artwork are beautifully handcrafted by our production team in Melbourne. We offer beautifully presented wall art, where our photography can become a large part of your home and interiors as well as albums and coffee table pieces.

Looking for inspiration? All our products and features and can be viewed in the gallery at our brand-new studio.

The Wall Art Collection

MIRÓ | Framed Canvas

Named after Joan Miró Ferrà, a Spanish painter, sculptor, and ceramicist.

Our framed canvas is mounted into the highest quality wood frame with a classic rich texture and intensity. Available in many sizes and with no glass or reflection it works as a key statement piece with a choice of colour frames (black, white, timber and walnut) for your interior.

Prices start from $745
(For single pieces only)

Framed Canvas Photography
Classic Frame Photograph

NIÉPCE | Classic Frame

Named after Joseph Nicéphore Niépce, a French researcher who produced the first known photograph in 1827, our classic frame is an impressive and timeless way to display artwork.

Made from the highest quality materials with a double thickness mount board for a simple statement piece of choice. Available in many sizes and choice of frame colours (black, white, timber and walnut).

Prices start from $545
(For single pieces only)

ANSEL | Shadow Box

Named after Ansel Adams, a landscape photographer and environmentalist known for his black-and-white images.

Our shadow box is a framed product with a rich texture and versatile to work in a modern or traditionally styled home. Available in many different sizes and choice of frame colours (black, white, timber and walnut).

Prices start from $545
(For single pieces only)

Shadow Box Framed Photography
Acrylic Photograph

MAIER | Acrylic

Named after Vivian Maier, a French-American street photographer, our acrylic pieces are lightweight with a glossy, sleek look.

The image is printed on metallic photographic paper and the finish creates a double sense of reflection, perfect for contemporary interiors.  

Available in many different sizes, versatile and easy to clean.

Prices start from $745
(For single pieces only)

FRIDA | Timber Framed Stone

Named after Frida Kahlo, one of the greatest artists in history, the framed stone surface is made from 100% recycled materials for a rustic and sophisticated look.

This environmentally friendly piece can enhance any style of home to create an earthy and warm feeling.

Prices start from $745
(For single pieces only)

Timber Framed Photography

Coffee Table Pieces

Acrylic Block

Modern, simple and minimal choice for those who like to step out from the classic frame. It is portable, so you can either gift to your loved one or simply let it shine anywhere around your home.

Prices start from $350
(For single pieces only)

Classic Frame

Classic style coffee table frame finishes are available in Black, White, Timber or Walnut and in few different sizes. It can be a beautiful gift to friends, families and parents or ideal to display in your home.

Prices start from $295
(For single pieces only)

Classic Framed Photography
Glass Box Photo Album

Glass Box Album

Our handcrafted glass box albums display your images in a stylish way. Glass box albums can be purchased from a minimum of 10 loose prints up to 15. You can add images in over the years to collect more memories and create your own treasure box that is filled with love.

Prices start from $2,650
(For single pieces only)

Classic Album

Our album is designed for coffee tables as a statement piece as well as a gift for loved ones that can pass from generation to generation. Its thick pages made from highest quality paper gives an exclusive and rich look to your images. They are timeless, unique and really easy to carry.

Prices start from $2,650
(For single pieces only)

Classic Photo Album
Portrait Photo Box

Portrait Box | Linen Top

Our fresh product Portrait Boxes present a stunning way to display your images. They are very versatile and works in both modern and classic homes. If wall spaces are limited, this product can be a great choice to collect your memories in a treasure box.

Prices start from $2,650
(For single pieces only)

Digital Albums

Even though our forever love is wall art, we also totally understand our client’s needs on digital images and albums which we also offer. Our digital packages are a great way to share your beautiful images digitally through social media, share with family and friends and even create your own collections. We provide hi-res images so our clients can have the freedom to print their images as big as possible.

Prices start from:
5 Digitals – $1,250 (250 per image – Save $500)
10 Digitals – $2,000 (200 per image – Save $1,500)
15 Digitals – $2,400 (160 per image – Save $2,850)
20 Digitals – $3,000 (150 per image – Save $4,000)
Full Digital Packs – $4,500 (Best value)

digital album