Tailor the Perfect Artwork for Your Home

In a digital world of camera phones, too often we miss the opportunity to enjoy our photos. Instead, we forget about them moments later and they simply become another rushed photo in a collection of hundreds.

When you take the time to invest in a professional photographic session, time and planning goes into capturing that special moment. It’s not rushed, it’s carefully thought out and it’s an experience that should be treasured.

So, how do you tailor these photos into artworks for your home? We’ve got 4 tips to consider before your next photoshoot:

Shadow Box Framed Photography

1. Know where you will be hanging your artwork

Before your photoshoot, consider where you will hang your finished photo. We even suggest taking a photo of this space and bringing it with you to your shoot so that our design team can assess the area including the lighting and the general aesthetic of the space.

2. Plan, plan, plan!

Our pre-styling will help you to determine you feel prepared and comfortable for the shoot. We can help you choose what to wear ensuring that your outfit matches the space where your art will be hanging as well as ensuring that the chosen styling won’t date. We can go through mood boards and imagery to find the kind of images that you would like to emulate.

Timber Framed Photography

3. Explore different finishes

All materials are distinctive from one another, some offer shine and a reflective effect, and others such as canvas can be more textured and emphasise shadows.

Our frames are handcrafted in Australia and set the finishing touch on any piece of art.

Finding the perfect match to suit your interior design and personal style will help you create a unique focal point and desired atmosphere, within your home.

At Fotograf HQ, we offer 5 different finishes, a choice of canvas or acrylic printing, with framing options for both.

We also have a selection of glass finishes tailored for different interiors and a variety of sizes.

With a variety of finishing options and assistance from our design team, you will be able to create an individual artwork customised perfectly for your home.

Photographic art is more than a photo. It is creating a visual display, capturing a moment in time that will continue to make you smile.

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